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Boom! We now count over 25`000 Community Users

Community Manager

More than 25 thousand users who bring along valuable knowledge and experience. Every single member makes this community so valuable. We are proud of that and just want to say THANK YOU!


Since 2011 the community has grown steadily. It has gone through various phases, with sometimes intense discussions and over 148 thousand posts. There are more interesting numbers. For example, in the last two years the community has posted more than 33,000 posts, and 1.1 million solutions marked by the community have been viewed. Over 15 thousand Likes (Kudos) have been given away. Thanks to all users who have been actively maintaining this community for years and share their knowledge with others and of course to all the super users we had and still have today.

This community would be nothing without our users - YOU! Because you make this place to what it is: A meeting point for all topics, questions and feedback around UPC Switzerland.
The UPC Community not only has valuable users. There is also the Social Media & Community Team. We are a team of 6 people, the first point of contact for all requests on the UPC social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and we take care of the well-being and order here in the community. Click here for the team.



A large number of committed colleagues from various departments also support us in clarifying open discussion topics or customer concerns.
So, now enough of praising words: We are going on. Our community lives and moves - dear users, us as a team and also the UPC!

Let's stay true to ourselves, because for this year we will share some surprises with you.


Best regards,

Your @UPC_Team