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Changes of Disney channels as per 31.03.2020


Logos von Disney Channel, Disney XD und Disney Junior auf einem Bildschirm, Szenen von Disney-Shows im Hintergrund


Dear Community

Disney will cease to broadcast a number of TV channels throughout Europe as of 31 March 2020:

- Disney XD HD (German), currently in Premium Plus D
- Disney Cinema HD (French), currently in Premium Plus F
- Disney XD HD (French), currently in Premium Plus F
- Disney Junior (Italian), currently in Premium Plus I

From April 1, 2020, UPC will put up an information board at the transmitter stations to inform viewers about the discontinuation of the stations.

Info screen (in German, French, Italian and English)
"Disney has discontinued broadcasting this channel as of March 31, 2020."


At present, we lack further information on this context. If there are any news, we will inform again via the usual channels.

Thank you for your understanding.


Kind regards,


Your @UPC_Team 

Supporting Actor Film

Here we are on May 3rd and still no update on this - and more importantly no reduction in price or information on cancelling Premium D paket from abos.


I want to stop mine and will call next week.  But it would have been better if you had sent me the option online already.


I only subscribed to this paket for the Disney content for my son and right now he's badgering me to subscribe to Disney+.


It doesn't sound like you're going to offer that package ever.

That's a shame because I would prefer to keep all my content available through one source.

Mind you, the Netflix app is really slow, so maybe another TV box is a better investment for the future as services fragment onto different platforms.


You don't seem to address these issues or keep up.




Hello. Thanks for your request. At the moment we have no additional information. Currently there is also no news about whether Disney+ will be available through our box or not. Therefore I can unfortunately not give you any other information. Thanks for your understanding.


Best regards,