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Finally: 1 Gbit/s Internet for everyone in Switzerland

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As of today, UPC offers 1 Gbit/s speed nationwide across its entire footprint – both in cities and in rural areas. In this context the conventional portfolio has been updated and an even stronger Internet modem is being introduced as well. UPC is also the first telecommunications company in Switzerland to launch a 100-day cancellation policy for its TV and Internet subscriptions, an innovative and extremely customer-friendly model.


Overnight, UPC has increased its maximum Internet speed to 1 Gbit/s nationwide for TV and Internet subscriptions. This means that from now on all households in the entire distribution area can benefit from these speeds, meaning more than 75% of all Swiss households. "We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers first-class 1 Gbit/s Internet thanks to our high-performance cable network infrastructure – not only in large cities, but throughout our entire distribution area. With this step UPC is consolidating its position as a speed leader in Switzerland," said Severina Pascu, CEO of UPC Switzerland. "Of the more than 6 million people who live in our distribution area, more than 4 million Swiss inhabitants will now for the first time be able to experience fast and reliable gigabit Internet connections.” (Continue to media release)


To celebrate the start of the Giga, UPC CEO Severina Pascu will give a speech at the SUISSEDIGITAL session event starting at 2 pm. And with our livestream you will be part of it.

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Do we know what the cost will be to existing customers to upgrade?

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@Biggsp , If you log in via MyUPC, you will see your current products including costs. Then you can change your selection and the new price will be displayed.




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Thank you

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Am Anfang habe ich tatsächlich Geschwindigkeiten um 1Gb/s gemessen, mittlerweile bin ich in Bülach bei 300Mbit/s



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@paulch , bitte konsultiere diese Seite. Alle relevanten Informationen stehen dort drin.


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