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Interview with Stefan Fuchs (UPC Chief Commercial Officer)

Head Channel Hardware Management

Left: Mutlu Bütüner (Head Channel Hardware Management UPC) / Right: Stefan Fuchs (Chief Commercial Officer UPC)Left: Mutlu Bütüner (Head Channel Hardware Management UPC) / Right: Stefan Fuchs (Chief Commercial Officer UPC)


The new UPC Mobile Swiss and Europe subscriptions
Stefan Fuchs (UPC Chief Commercial Officer) was interviewed by Mutlu Bütüner (UPC Head Channel Hardware Management).


Mutlu Bütüner: Hello Stefan. Almost one month ago UPC launched its new Mobile subscriptions. Which customers is UPC especially targeting with them?


Stefan Fuchs: Hello Mutlu! Right, we have had the new Mobile price plans on the market for a month already and we are really very pleased with the positive reactions and lively demand on the part of our customers. With the new price plans it was important to us to appeal to as many customer segments and meet as many different needs as possible. With the low starter tariff we are touching on the needs of parents whose children are getting their first subscription, as well as older people who prefer a simple subscription. At the same time we are catering to customers that are very active both in Switzerland and abroad, offering packages with appropriate amounts of data, roaming and international calls. Whether for occasional users or heavy surfers – we have a fitting offer for everyone!


Mutlu Bütüner: With so many options on the market, customers often lose track of what’s out there. Has UPC been able to react to this with the new subscriptions?


Stefan Fuchs: With our five new price plans, we offer simplicity and clarity instead of the current jungle of offers on the mobile market. The customer no longer has to wonder how much he or she will pay when a discount period has expired. Our promise is that the prices will be valid for as long as the person is our customer, meaning as long as the customer continues to use our mobile subscriptions. Our prices are therefore not only especially attractive, but also transparent and long-lasting.


Mutlu Bütüner: The new subscriptions start at just CHF 9.90 per month, with unlimited call minutes and text messages in Switzerland. Is there still any need for prepaid offers?


Stefan Fuchs: At UPC we have dispensed with prepaid offers, which are becoming less and less common in Switzerland. Instead we offer tariffs with the basic premise of always giving excellent value for money. With the “Swiss 1 GB” subscription for CHF 9.90 per month, for example, we are meeting the needs of all those customers that make many calls within Switzerland but only use a small amount of data. The advantage with UPC is that you don’t run out of credit, and of course the effort of always having to prepay is also no longer necessary. You have to question whether prepaid offers are still in keeping with the times.


Mutlu Bütüner: With the new subscriptions there really seems to be a fitting offer for everyone. Which subscription appeals to you the most?


Stefan Fuchs: Overall, all five offers provide a lot of value for an attractive and transparent price. As someone who surfs a lot, is often outside of Switzerland and has many friends in other European countries, “Europe Plus” is a perfect fit for me. With unlimited data within Switzerland, another 10 GB of data for the EU and free calls from Switzerland to more than 30 countries (and within these countries), I can be completely relaxed and don’t have to think about my rates at all.


Mutlu Bütüner: What would you as UPC Chief Commercial Officer like to tell our customers in closing?


Stefan Fuchs: It’s certainly interesting to learn that already 223,000 mobile customers have placed their trust in UPC and that UPC has become the fastest-growing mobile provider in Switzerland. Over the last two years we have tripled the customer satisfaction and the recommendation rate, and every day we continue to work on giving our customers a top-quality customer experience. The new mobile subscriptions are the perfect complement to the rest of our portfolio with the powerful nationwide UPC Giganet and the extremely popular UPC TV. We are also thanking our Internet customers for their loyalty by always giving them a higher mobile data allowance at the same price. The only question remaining is which trendy smartphone from your range of options a person should choose to go with the new tariffs? In any event I wish all customers lots of pleasure with our products!