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Introduction of the new e-mail platform as of 24 April

Community Manager



UPC's email platform has been in use for years and is therefore no longer intuitive enough for changes and optimizations. With the introduction of the new e-mail platform on April 24th, the e-mail experience for our customers will be taken to the next level.


The most important changes at a glance:
- For all webmail customers the look & feel of the tab "Profiles" has been changed.
- E-Mail Registration: completely revised
- Profiles" section: New headline and new design
- Profile" area: Change password

Questions and answers:

As a customer, do I have to do anything?
No, no steps are necessary.


Do I lose some functionality with this change?
No, the functionalities remain the same.


Can the Swissonline addresses still be used?
All Swissonline addresses created prior to the migration can still be used. After the introduction of the new e-mail platform, only will be available for registration.