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Pimp MyUPC - We have pimped MyUPC for you!

Community Manager



As part of the Simply Digital program MyUPC is being revamped and expanded. Find here the most important changes.


Revisions to the "Products" page
- Only one page left for the tab "Products" incl. Responsive Design
- New division of the areas
- Quick change between product categories possible
- New function: Download the contract overview (all products incl. minimum contract period) as PDF*
- Product overview was redesigned
- In-Page navigation moved and icons added

Revisions to the "Invoices & Payments" page
- Design adjustment of "Change payment method
- Adjustment function: Download of invoices via PDF only possible when invoice is available (symbol otherwise greyed out)

Pay Now Reminder
- If a customer receives a payment reminder, he can now settle the entire outstanding amount via MyUPC-Payment methods Visa/MasterCard, TWINT and now also with Postfinance or Postcard
- Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail upon successful payment



Network Status Page in MyUPC
- The service status in MyUPC is improved and appears in a new look & feel
- The sub-services are now also visible including status message:- Available: Service available
- Not Available: Service not available (e.g. fault, device not connected)
- Party Available: Certain services are not available, e.g. Replay, EPG)
- Unknown: NWS cannot query the status


My products
- The modem designations (e.g. Connect Box CH7465LG Compal) have been replaced by more customer-friendly designations (e.g. Connect Box).
- The corresponding image for the UPC Internet Modem is now displayed
- New error message if no information can be displayed on the My Products page. In this case only the "Basic TV" information is shown.

Billing settings
- New declaration for customers with payment method LSV/DD: No more adjustment of the settlement cycle possible.

Relocation notification
- Elastic Search (address is suggested to the customer)
Elastic Search" is introduced for relocation notifications. When typing in the new address, the customer will continuously receive address suggestions.


New sub-navigation under "Products"
- In the main navigation there is a new sub-navigation under "Products". This allows direct access to the individual areas (TV, Internet, Phone or Mobile).


My Products
- In the My UPC product pages, the left navigation remains visible when scrolling down. Additionally the current position is highlighted in color.


Product names
- Product designations are now more customer-friendly: For example, instead of "Internet 200", the new designation is "20 Mbit/s Internet".


Removal of Social Media Logins
- As of April 1, it will no longer be possible to log in to My UPC (Web & App version) or the Connect app with a social media account. A notice will be posted on the login page of the platform concerned. At the same time, the social media paragraph under "My Profile" will also be removed.


Relocation notification
- Move is stopped via MyUPC if:A cancellation is entered and is executed in less than 7 days
- Move ins Offnet/Foreign:Remaining amount of the invoice is displayed in MyUPC before the move can be entered


My documents
- With "My Documents" we offer our customers for the first time the possibility to download received letters such as the Welcome-Letter or POA forms online.
- The new area can be reached via the simple "Letter" icon (icon.png). The details are visible in the Info-PDF.
- In phase 1 we will not display incoming customer letters.


Further improvements
- MOBILE: The total cost limit can now be reduced to CHF 0. Until now, CHF 5 was available as the smallest option.
- TV: Currently "UPC TV" is displayed for all TV products. With this adjustment we also take older bundles into account, such as Connect & Play with an HZN box.
- BILLING: The Support Container was optimized. If a new invoice was generated for an already overdue invoice, a note for "open bills" instead of "overdue" was visible in the Support Container.