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Puck off – MySports starting its fourth hockey season

Community Manager


On Thursday, 1 October and Friday, 2 October 2020, the National League and Swiss League are starting the championship that fans have long been awaiting. MySports will be right in the middle of it for its fourth season already. The sports channel will broadcast all matches of the top division live and exclusively, with commentary in up to four languages. In addition to the live broadcasts, the 2020/2021 season will once again include numerous studio formats, talks with experts and background magazines to offer spectators real added value and above all, top entertainment. Also as of 1 October the channel is updating its visual and acoustic appearance. And every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday it is offering new studio formats.


During the three seasons in which MySports has accompanied the national hockey scene so far, one thing really became clear: live broadcasts alone are no longer enough to satisfy in this day and age. With ice hockey as well as elsewhere, the extras are becoming ever more important – the facts and figures, the game analyses, the pointed opinions of experienced experts and the more or less everyday stories surrounding players, clubs and above all, fans. MySports is satisfying this expectation with thematically structured studio broadcasts for the upcoming season.


- Every Tuesday it’s time for the shows entitled “Puck ‘n’ Goal – #homeofexperts”. Before, during and after the games, the MySports experts Ueli Schwarz, Marco Bührer, Sven Helfenstein, Timo Helbling, Thomas Walser and Gernd Zenhäusern will take a closer look at what’s happening on the ice. They will also be joined by Andreas Hänni, who actively played in a total of 652 matches in the top league and now runs his own company in the area of analytics. Hänni will join Ueli Schwarz in statistically processing and analysing the events on the ice. Nadir Manioni and Tobias Wehrli will continue in their role as referee experts under the heading “Hey Schiri” (“Hey ref”). Home of Experts dives in deeper at the start of every week.

- Every Friday the hockey night on MySports will become a platform for fans. Under the title “Puck ‘n’ Goal – #homeoffans” the makers will focus not only on the events on the ice, but above all on the emotional side of the sport. The fans are an important integrated component of this show They will get an attractive and prominent platform and can even participate directly, for example via social media. Home of Fans is where fans are at home.


- Saturdays it is then time for “Back Check XXL”. The programme features comprehensive reporting on the current round as well as a review of the past week. This means interviews with even more players and trainers, background reports, insights from the clubs and analyses of the last few days of play.

Following each round, spectators will get a retrospect summarising every goal scored in the current round, plus lots of stories connected with hockey and reports directly from the stadiums. The stories will be moderated in the MySports studio by Reto Müller and Lars Nay, while Gabriel Gasser will be in the field as an outside reporter.


New design for eye and ear

After three years of reporting, MySports is giving itself a visual and acoustic makeover. The new sound design is from the Bernese music producer Jessiquoi. Her unconventional sound, the exceptional aesthetics, and her powerful and striking performances (Zurich Openair, Gurten Festival or Lethargy Festival) delight audiences. At the M4Music 2018, Jessiquoi received the awards for “Demotape of the Year” and “Best Electronic”. For MySports Jessiquoi performed musical interpretations of ice hockey as well as sports in general.

The new visual design was developed by LoF*, the international branding and creative agency. GMD THREE Studios in New York was responsible for the art direction and the motion graphic design for the graphic and animation elements which are based on collage sketches. The creative team in this constellation has already realised a variety of projects for entertainment icons and events such as Jay-Z, Eminem, Beyoncé, the Grammys and the MTV Music Awards.


Hockey offers soon also to be available to Swisscom TV customers

As already announced in a press release on 23 July 2020, the National League and Swiss League matches produced by MySports will become available to Swisscom TV customers in the upcoming weeks as well. At the same time, the content and prices announced today by Swisscom for blue+ (formerly Teleclub) will become available to customers of UPC and other cable networks – provided they have a suitable box for reception.


With these two offers, MySports and blue+, sports fans of both of these providers will have the opportunity to subscribe to all top Swiss football and hockey league matches, the UEFA Champions League games, the UEFA Europa League, the Bundesliga, and many more European football leagues as well as the European and North American hockey leagues. The partners will announce the exact date of activation in good time.