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The UPC TV voice control makes using your TV easier

Community Manager



You're missing a voice command? Comment on which voice command you would like to have integrated in the UPC TV and which action it should perform.


We will select the best voice commands and implement them in the UPC TV.



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Supporting Actor TV

Hi Daniele, without more information on the voice command functionality this is rather hit and miss. The most conspicuous gap in the tv-box repertoire compared to horizon-box is the inability to jump forward and backward by customizable numbers of minutes, so i would like to 'jump forward 5 minutes' and 'jump backwards 1 minute'. The emphasis is on 'jump' not 'scroll at normal speed times 2' which is no comprimise.

I am sure when I have tried using the tv-box for another couple of days, I will come up with some more suggestions for you,

Meanwhile, keep up the good work

Regards, Jeff H.