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UPC launches new mobile portfolio

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UPC is now offering new subscriptions that completely replace the previous Mobile offers. The new portfolio istailored to meet the varying needs of consumers and offers great additional value at a consistently low price. There issomething for everyone – both for heavy and light users and for everyone in between. Moreover, UPC Internet customers will always benefit from additional data. And all subscriptions also include unlimited calls and texts within Switzerland.


UPC with its powerful UPC Giganet is a leading Swiss telecommunications provider which for the last approximately six years has also been connecting its customers everywhere with its attractive Mobile subscriptions. Today the customer base includes more than 223,000 Mobile subscribers. This makes UPC the fastest growing mobile provider in Switzerland, and its attractive offers have established it as an increasingly popular mobile provider. This is reflected in the customer satisfaction: UPC Mobile consistently gets top ratings from its customers.

Lots of value for an attractive and transparent price
Now UPC is launching a new Mobile portfolio which gives customers even more options and meets their needs even better – at extremely attractive prices. All of the new subscriptions are transparent and simple, the prices are valid long-term, and every subscription without exception includes unlimited calls and texts in Switzerland.

So there is now a limited subscription for just CHF 9.90 that includes unlimited calls and texts in Switzerland and 500 MB of mobile data – the perfect subscription for light users and children. The “Swiss 40 GB” subscription for CHF 29.90, with 40 GB of data within Switzerland, is the perfect option for those that use the Internet a lot. Anyone that frequently travels or makes calls outside of Switzerland is served well by “Europe Plus” for CHF 59.90, which adds another 10 GB of data for the EU plus free calls from Switzerland and
Europe to more than 30 countries. For existing customers the new subscriptions are even more attractive: For the same price, UPC Internet customers will get twice the data allowance or even unlimited data, from CHF 9.90 (“Swiss 1 GB” – limited offer) to CHF 29.90 (“Swiss Unlimited”) to CHF 59.90 (“Europe Plus Unlimited”). 

Subscriptions meet a variety of customer needs
“These new subscriptions are the perfect complement to the rest of our portfolio with nationwide gigabit Internet on the powerful UPC Giganet and the extremely popular UPC TV. With these subscriptions we are satisfying the broad range of differing customer needs.


Whether you are an occasional user or someone that travels and uses the Internet a lot – there’s the right offer for everyone, always with a lot of value for an attractive, transparent and long-term price. Our existing Internet customers will benefit additionally from a
converged experience and a larger data allowance,” says Stefan Fuchs, Chief Commercial Officer at UPC. 

The new UPC Mobile offers are available now at  or in our shops.