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eSPORTS1 part of MySports Pro channel package starting 24.01.2019....

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eSPORTS1 part of MySports Pro channel package starting 24 January 2019
Another step towards the “Home of eSports”

On 24 January 2019 the first eSports channel in German, eSPORTS1, is going live. From day one MySports will be exclusively presenting the programme in Switzerland. With this step, MySports is underscoring its pioneering role in the area of eSports. Already since the fall of 2017 the sports channel has been broadcasting the weekly format “Arena eSports,” supplementing it about a year later with its self-produced series “Good Game – die (e)Sports-Revolution“. Starting 24 January 2019 eSPORTS1 will be available in the German-language channel package MySports Pro.


eSPORT1’s 24/7 programme will include at least 1,200 live hours of top-class eSports events annually, as well as highlight broadcasts and magazine programmes produced in-house. The programme contents will be editorially prepared by a specialised editorial team in collaboration with experts and influencers from the German-speaking eSports community. Numerous large eSports events will be commentated in German and broadcast from an in-house eSports studio. The best-known eSports titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike, Overwatch and FIFA will take centre stage.


Ideal companion to MySports’ current eSports offering
MySports is the only Swiss channel to consistently focus on eSports content. Steffi Buchli, Director of Programming, MySports: “In addition to the classic types of TV sports, from the very start of broadcasting we have included this new kind of sport. The creation of the new channel eSPORTS1 shows that we were right on target. By integrating eSPORTS1 in the MySports Pro channel package, we are making a significant further expansion to our offerings for the eSports-minded target group.”


NHL and NBA matches will be on SPORT1+

As of 24 January 2019, eSPORTS1 will take the place of the previously included channel SPORT1 US in the German-language channel package. However, for fans of the US sports scene this does not mean that they will have to forego broadcasts of NHL or NBA games. After the conversion date, these will be broadcast live on “SPORT1+.” SPORT1+ is likewise included in the MySports Pro channel package and can therefore be received by MySports Pro customers at no extra charge.


More information about MySports is available at

- Trailer for „eSPORTS1“, (only in German), © Sport1 GmbH