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I have the Cablecom Internet and e-mail for at least 10-12 years. In December Cablecom had a deal, combine Internet and Phone. They sent me new Router and also this TV Media Box.

I told them I am not interested in this Media Box, Was told I have to keep it till end of the year.and  I can return it, if not interested. In this upgrade, they also change my user number and because of that I lost all my e-mails. It took them almost two weeks to recover it. My e-mail password worked till 10 of march and then kept telling me I have a wrong password. Cablecom replyed, it is normal, because they change my user number. I was in ousland till march25 and since then I am trying to get new password from Cablecom. They keep working on it is their answer. I would assume, as they change with this upgrade my customer number, I should keep the same number.

Any suggestions? Quit the Cablecom?

Thanks for reply