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Tips and tricks for the new Community ;)

Hollywood Star

I'm sure you’ve noticed: some things have changed around here! And you are having difficulty finding new posts. I would like to give you a little guided tour:

On the homepage (Community Start) you will find the latest solutions and support videos. At the bottom left, the most helpful posters of solutions are listed – the top authors will follow soon! At the bottom right, you will find unanswered topics – click the ‘View All’ link for an overview page




In the ‘Forum’ view, you will find all topics and sub-topics. Go into your settings (top right next to the picture), click on Settings, scroll down and you will see the most recent topics and posts (admittedly it’s a bit of a strange place for them ), but you can click on ‘View All’ once again for an overview. If you want to see all posts right away as the homepage, save the following link:




In the settings, you can upload your own avatar (you will find a video showing you how to do this here:



Another new and very useful feature are the tags, which can help you to find posts. An example: a post about finding threads in the forum? Simply add ‘Forum’ as a tag and you will find all posts on the topic of the forum

I hope these few tips and tricks will make the change a bit easier for you
Hugs – @mesb

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"admittedly it’s a bit of a strange place for them " - re finding latest posts/topics. A very strange place indeed.  Can't this be moved to the main page as I suspect it's more useful for people coming here to/for help to see what's currently being posted than a "hall of fame" of top posters etc.
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