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Connect Box

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Bridge Mode on new Connect Box

Dear Everyone,

I changed my internet speed from 250 to 500 and thinking it would be a normal switch, i found out that my Technicolor was no longer compatible, so i had 2 days of no internet and telephone but my Horizon Box was working perfectly as it was not connected to the Modem. 


I was sent a new Horizon Box even though i had one already as it was not known that i had the 2 separate services 1 Technicolor (For Internet and telephone)& 1 Horizon Box (For T.V) as my Horizon Box is not next to the wall outlet.


So for the moment  i have 2 x 10m cable (From wall outlet to Horizon Box) connected to have the connection to Horizon Box.


Sorry for blabbing but now my question is can i make the Connect Box to be in bridge Mode ( without calling again the support.


Thank you for your help with this.

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Re : Bridge Mode on new Connect Box

Good afternoon @mniceguy81,

mniceguy81 a écrit :

is can i make the Connect Box to be in bridge Mode (

Yes, you can make the Connect Box to be in bridge Mode.

mniceguy81 a écrit :

without calling again the support.


No, unfortunately you cannot. You have to call the support again. This is the only way.


It is very annoying that there is no option on MyUPC to switch from ipv6 to ipv4.




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Re : Bridge Mode on new Connect Box

Thank you Michaelhello for your quick response and it's true we should have this option without contacting support in our UPC app as that's what this app is for right not to bother the support team and most of us who know what we're doing to change our configurations.


Thank you again and really it is not to degrade the support of UPC team but I hate always to rely on someone as that was why I left Swisscom (Left Swisscom as they took long to replace my router which was disconnecting the Wi-Fi each time) and their team did not know what they were and it's been 3 yrs that I’m happy with UPC even thought my colleagues have been discouraging me.


I will try and contact them as soon as the Connect Box arrives and THANK YOU.