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Changes to my Giga Connect Box

Hello UPC experts,

Can you please change the configuration on my box so that I can disable the IPv6 DHCP? I’m running my own DHCP + DNS servers on IPv4 and the IPv6 DNS servers that the box is pushing interfere with my local configuration - some public DNS records need to solve to internal addresses for my network (they’re made public only so that I can get certificates from Let’s Encrypt).

In addition to that I have one more question: can I run my own OpenVPN server on IPv4 with port forwarding on the modem after you do the above switch? That implies that the public IPv4 address that the modem uses is not shared.


P.S. I’m using the same email address in my profile as the one that I use for my customer account, so you should be able to get all the required details from there. If that’s not easy, please drop me a message with what other info you might need.