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Connect Box

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Changing from Giga Connect Box

Hi there


Just a quick query: i have noticed that when i surf the web and particularly when streaming or playing games i am suffering from ping spikes (packet loss?) but when i connect via ethernet all is fine. Is there any advantage to changing my router to a quad band one? For example this one by Huawei:

There are more expensive ones but this is the cheapest quad core i can find.


Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Changing from Giga Connect Box

Hello, welcome to the community. 


If you don't have any big problems with ethernet cables, then everything is fine from the UPC side.


WLAN is a wireless signal, so the signal and strength can vary. There are many factors that play an important role in WiFi that you cannot always affect.


But from experience I can tell you that an additional router can help to solve your problematic. You can then set our modem to bridge mode, but we must first set your connection to IPv4, otherwise you cannot activate bridge.


As soon as you have bought the external router, you are welcome to contact us again so that we can activate IPv4. I like the Huawei router you sent. What I can also recommend is Netgear Router.

Best regards, Cem

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Re: Changing from Giga Connect Box

Thanks for your reply Cem I will purchase the router and see if it will help with the wifi signal.