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Connect Box - Wi-Fi speed (still) slow, not according to my plan.

Hello everyone.


I am UPC Cablecom customer since February 2014. My internet plan includes download speeds (up to) 250 Mbit/s.


Last week I received the new modem Connect Box CH7465LG Compal. However I am having trouble getting admissible speeds via Wi-Fi (for a 250 Mbit/s plan).


I have two different cases:

- First one with my laptop (which only supports Wi-Fi 2.4G) i get average Download values speeds​ of 40 Mbit/s. From the information i have about my laptop, this should reach speeds close to 70 Mbit/s.

- Second one with my iPhone 5S (which supports Wi-Fi 5G) i get different values ​​between 60 and 90 Mbit/s. From the information i know, the iPhone 5S is able to achieve maximum download speeds close to 150 Mbit/s.


In my opinion something is wrong and I should be able to get the maximum speeds via Wi-Fi on my devices (70Mbit / s in Laptop and 150Mbit/s on the iPhone).


When I run the test through cable, i can achieve the desired speed of 250 Mbit/s.


So I'm paying a 250 Mbit/s service, however i can only reach speeds that even not the 100Mbit/s package is able to reach.


Can anyone help me? @Anina @Adriana @UPC_Ex_Mod



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Re: Connect Box - Wi-Fi speed (still) slow, not according to my plan.

Hello @apmarcoscivil


Thanks for your message and welcome to our Community! Have you already checked our tips for a better WLAN connection? Maybe they'll help you to increase your speed.


Thanks for your reply!


Kind regards,



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Re: Connect Box - Wi-Fi speed (still) slow, not according to my plan.

Hi @apmarcoscivil,


It is impossible to reach the speed you want by WiFi. There is too much interference and losses.

However, you can follow the tips that Anina gave you.


Kind regards,


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