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Connect Box

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Connect Box & Devolo DLAN



I am having trouble with my new Connect Box.


Wifi is working fine, however my office PC, which utilises two Devolo DLAN adaptors, does not receive a valid IP address - it doesn't see the Connect Box at all.


The PC can communicate with both addaptors, but the Connect Box doesnt seem to recognise them or my PC, or make any attempt at communication.


There is nothing special about this arrangement, no switches or other routers at the end of the powerline that connects to the PC.


I have tested two different models (Devolo & Siemens) and neither work. Previously I was using the Horizon TV device as my router and it worked perfectly with no effort.


I have reluctanly ordered the "UPC PowerLine" adaptors via the connect app, but I have adaptors that were working perfectly before the change from Horizon to Connect box so should work fine now.


The only things I have not tried is to plug a device directly into a LAN port of the Connect Box, or to use the Connect APP to setup my own Powerline adaptors (I guess this wont work...)


Any help would be appreciated