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Connect box interface is very slow

Hi!  I lately have noticed the incredible lag whn trying to login to the connect box's what happens:

1.typing the ip into internet explorer+press enter= loading forever=result blank page no error message 2.typing the ip into chrome or firefox=loading forever +refresh 4 or 5 types finally the page comes up So basically the page where you're supposed to type in the password barely opens the lag appears to be in the interface itself too. 

I did a factory reset (using ethernet cable) and it's normal behaviour would be to log me off. just stood there loading forever while doing the reset i hit refresh page again and the factory reset was done but it simply didn't behave as it should have.  Tried logging in from an android device and the lag is the same. Ping results seem normal,no packet loss,no nothing. Will I have to deal with this annoying lag for the rest of my contract ?what can be done?

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Re: Connect box interface is very slow

@Aleksandra , Welcome to the community! 


Please contact UPC in Romania for assistance.




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Re: Connect box interface is very slow

Turn off adblock.

(it works in the opera GX browser)