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Connect Box

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Constant interruptions 24/7

I am out of options. Internet (and telephony)signal drops every minute of the day, it flips between maximum speed and zero to then recover after a few seconds.


So what I have done so far:

1. Factory reset of Connect Box.

2. Connect Box replaced by UPC.

3. Disabled Wi-Fi.

4. Disconnected all cables except one that goes directly to a laptop.2019-10-29_13-40-47.jpg2019-10-29_13-41-26.jpg


I have been running those speed tests with the cnlab software. Attached you can see how a typical measurement looks like.


I am living in house that was built two years ago and I have not experienced any problems before.


Second level from UPC is supposed to call me back; I am waiting since last week and have reiterated my request two times now. No feedback.


What do you guys think it is?

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Re: Constant interruptions 24/7

The weekend looked promising though... : 2019-10-29_13-50-20.jpg

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Re: Constant interruptions 24/7

@Thomas8906 ,Please contact our technical support so that they can check your issue and if necessary open a ticket for further analysis by our specialists.



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Re: Constant interruptions 24/7

No worries, @Daniele_UPC , thank you. I acutally have a ticket open since last week Tuesday (22 October) and it is in the hands of second level technical support since 24 October and have had a few calls in between to reiterate, but to no avail so far.

I wanted to see if anyone in the community has seen similar intermittent drops to zero in a "perfect" setup. (one device attached to the connect box in bridge mode, wi-fi off, no one at home).