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Giga box frequent disconnects

Good day,

I get frequent internet disconnects, since I both got a giga box instead of connect box and moved to a new address, for the last 2 weeks. At whole, my experience with it and tech support team is unhappy, time and energy consuming.

With giga box:
1) usually while watching video, video call or download, internet disappears,:
strangely, all devices but one got disconnect from wifi
web admin interface mostly gets unresponsive
several restarts and waiting are required, ~30 mins
2) later I tried to move to bridge, and purchased asus ac86u
internet still disappears, randomly, sometimes without load
router logs show that wan connection drops, although it gets lan
sometimes gigabox web gui accesible, sometimes not
it starts to flash the LED
on the positive side, the disconnects take <5 mins and internet return back itself

We tried:
Changed all cables
Multiple hard resets (both devices)
Changed various settings with tech support: channels, move to ipv4, etc
Switched back and forth between modem and router modes
When I moved in, there was a person who came to check connection, and said that it is fine

While I appreciate tech support being really helpful immediately. The process is not helpful with less trivial situation. Specifically, I get endlessly redirects:

I start with a tech chat, because there is no annoying music and waiting time. Eventually they send me to call by phone, because "there are things only they cannot do". People suggest me what we have already tried last week, not recognizing they are not working. And blame it all on the new router. They refuse to send me another box to try.

I bought a separate router a week ago, after fighting for a week with giga box. I would be happy not to spend money on it and more complicated setup. Nonetheless, tech support completely ignores that it works much better without it, and blames all on the router.

Phone support is funny, it takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, I do not speak English. When I choose '4' for English, I listen to menu in German, choose tech support, put in my customer number, listen to advertisement (burn in hell, the guy who approved ads in support line), wait in the queue, get response in German, got redirected to English queue, and after 30 minutes I get connected. While I understand that English is a luxury, even waiting 15 minutes is really too long. Especially when you call several days a row.

When my gigabox gots 'frozen' and I loose internet, tech support says that they cannot connect, suggest to restart, later say it is all good, there is nothing in the logs. The log visible to user is empty.

I was scheduled a call by "tech expert", which I waited several days, and for whatever reason the call disconnected in the middle, and the person didn't called back again. By the way, the 'expert' said he is using asus router at home too. So I need to get from start with phone support again.

I just got agreed on sending me a new box, which only calling into internet cancellation department made happen.

Time wise, I contacted support at least on 5 days out of last 14.

The process is bull**bleep**. There is no ticket, no tracking, need to repeat, need to wait. I guess the manager who owns it, optimizes for costs, but not for customer waiting time or ease of resolution. I would be looking for more customer centric provider in the future.

I looked at the maybe similar issues:


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Betreff: Giga box frequent disconnects

@community  Thank you for your message.

As I can see, a lot has already been tested with the technical support, you have listed many points, such as change between IPv6 and IPv4, change of the WLAN channel, etc.

Can you please send me your customer number to: UPC_Team

I will check your modem. Best regards, Cem

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Betreff: Giga box frequent disconnects

Thank you, Cem


Got a new giga box today. Experienced a disconnect at 14:03, lasted 4 minutes.


It is a big issue for me, because it happens in the middle of important video meeting.


Based on logs, similiar problem is described here for the different modem model


My log from today:


Thu 15/10/2020 14:03:49 3 Ranging Request Retries exhausted;CM-MAC=e4:57:40:f8:4f:1f;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:93:4d:82;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
Thu 15/10/2020 14:03:49 3 Unicast Maintenance Ranging attempted - No response - Retries exhausted;CM-MAC=e4:57:40:f8:4f:1f;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:93:4d:82;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;


Sent my customer number to UPC_Team

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Betreff: Giga box frequent disconnects

Disconnects persist.

It has been lasting for one month already, no progress from upc support.


Disconnects last 3-5 minutes.

Sometimes I see connectbox led flashing white.


Latest log:

Oct 29 12:23:17 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 11:03:55 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 12:41:34 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 14:07:25 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 14:08:35 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 14:09:20 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 14:11:21 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 15:22:29 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 15:23:08 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 15:25:26 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 18:13:55 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 18:15:39 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 19:15:55 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 19:17:33 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 22:17:24 Ethernet link down.
Oct 30 22:19:03 Ethernet link down.
Oct 31 12:43:37 Ethernet link down.
Oct 31 12:45:16 Ethernet link down.
Oct 31 18:23:54 Ethernet link down.

Nov 1 10:15:49 Ethernet link down.
Nov 1 11:34:00 Ethernet link down.

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Betreff: Giga box frequent disconnects

@community ,Please report your incidents to our technical support on 0800 66 88 66 so they can make an in-depth analysis. Please also inform them about your downtime.



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