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Connect Box

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Giga connect box dropping internet connection over wifi 2

For some reason I cannot reply to my own thread as it immediately gets market as spam 


so this is a continuation of that thread:



This is getting slighly ridiculous.


@Daniele_UPC kindly organised a replacement modem. This worked fine for a week, and now the problems are back, and even worse. Sometimes even initiating a speed test 'crashes' the network, let alone doing a daily backup or streaming something.


I've been trying to diagnose the problem as well as possible, the screenshots below illustrate the enviroment during a loss in network.


1. pings between my machine and the router, and my machine and googles DNS servers - 100% packet loss.




2. Signal strength etc etc at the same exact time - all perfect




I've tried changing things on the machine side, adding google DNS servers to my config, flushing DNS caches, changing network settings. If anything the problem seems to be spreading, other computers are now also affected by this problem. 


I work from home, and access to the internet, but MORE importantly, access to my server/NAS is paramount to my work. With the previous 'slim' connect box I never had a problem, but now my whole network is basically unusable.


Is there anything more UPC can do?

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Re: Giga connect box dropping internet connection over wifi 2

Update - I dug up an old Airport Time Capsule which I have been using as a router since friday evening, with the connect box in bridge mode. The connection hasn't dropped once all weekend, so this is definitely a connect box issue.