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GigaBox Super Slow Connection

Hi All - hope someone can help me fix this. After staying on the phone today twice for 20 mins - I could not reach anyone to speak on the call center, calls got disconnected.


I read folks complaining about 400Mbit speeds - I got 18mbit max if I am lucky. I saw better d/upload speeds before so something is wrong.


Appreciate help pls.


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Betreff: GigaBox Super Slow Connection

@Onur  Hello Onur, thank you for your message and welcome to the community.


I have canceled your customer number for data protection reasons, for your own security. I checked your account, the signal values are good. There are no problems with your line. I think with you it will be a local problem, or you have not made any proper configuration. By the way, you always have to perform the speed test with a LAN cable, WLAN is not valid. And it is very important that you use our Speedtest app. I am going to list a few points that you have to consider:


LAN cable: For a pleasurable Giga Speed a high quality LAN cable is indispensable. Please make sure that all LAN cables in use have at least the designation CAT5e. CAT6 and CAT7 can also be used.

Router: Your network components, which you install additionally, must also be Gigabit-compatible. Again, it is important that your devices support and guarantee full speed.

End device: Your computer, which is connected via LAN cable, must have a Gigabit network card installed. This must be set to full duplex mode and have an up-to-date driver installed. If you use a USB-LAN adapter, it must also support the full Gigabit speed. The whole system should also be kept up to date with updates.

Antivirus: Antivirus and software firewalls can slow down your system. Keep this point in mind when you do a speed test. Under no circumstances should your computer have more than one antivirus program installed.

If you have checked everything and followed the instructions, then do the speed tests again using this link here:

If the results of the speed test are not great, write the UID numbers in note form (you will receive this UID number after each speed test). And then please contact our technical support, and mention these UID numbers so that our colleagues can start an analysis. I will now also add a note to your account so that our technicians are pre-informed if you call. The number is 0800 66 88 66.

Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Cem