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IPv4 option not availabe on new Connectbox

I just received a new Connectbox. But in the router menu i am not able to acces the IPv4 settings. 


after some research on the internet i found that i need to contact costumer service to get this activated from the UPC side.


The problem is, the internet is not on my name as it is included in my rent. But my landlord has NO CLUE about these things, and he wont give me the internet details. So i wont be able to get help from the costumer service..


Does this mean i am screwed/have to buy another router for a bridge, or is there another fix for this problem?

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Re: IPv4 option not availabe on new Connectbox

Hello. Thank you for asking. Welcome to the Community.


This change can only be requested by the contract holder. Please clarify this with your landlord. 


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