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Internet Giga Connect Box Issues


So I've been having issues with the Giga connect box for a while now, consistent packet loss since March, not sure if the node they have in my neighborhood is overloaded since the issue doesn't seem to be on my end after hours of monitoring through ping plotter, etc. Recently I called to try and get the issue fixed and the customer support turned off the 5ghz wireless band and only left the 2.4ghz on my Giga connect box but then I asked them to turn it back on. Since she did that the wifi has been horribly slow despite multiple efforts to tinker in the router settings and turn on 5ghz again and again, I'm still only getting 1/4 of the speeds I used to get before this. Anybody have any suggestions other than calling them(hasn't worked till now only made it worse), would be much appreciated. Thanks.