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Internet junction box in garden

Hello All,


I have one of these boxes in my garden - it is labelled "cablecom".

It has been there since before I purchased the house.

Really, I have 2 questions:

1) If I start hitting posts into my garden to put up a fence, I risk damaging some cables.. how do I know where those cables are? I looked at cartorivera, but found no mention of any cables.

2) UPC technicians sometimes come into my garden un-invited to make changes to this box. Is this legal? They never asked my permission, and I consider this to be trespassing.






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Re: Internet junction box in garden

@wjones ,  Welcome to the community! 


Please contact our customer service. They will take your request and forward it to our construction department. If the plans are available, we will send them to you. Otherwise they will tell you where you can get the plans.


Regarding the right of access. When you bought the house, you acquired the right of access. You can see exactly how this looks like in your purchase documents. In principle, the technicians should give you a short message when they have to work on the box.



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