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Connect Box

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No upload speed


SInce some time I noticed a problem with upload speed when I am connected by ethernet to Connect Box.
Download speed is always very good but I have no upload speed - it is always at 0 flat.


When I connect my PC via Wifi everything works well. I tried many different computers, systems Win10, Ubuntu but upload is always 0 on ethernet.

Of course I tried all ports 1-4 on the Connect Box with different ethernet cables, resetting Connect Box, reinstalling one PC but nothing helps.


Would anyone have an idea what this could be?

Here is my test result ->


Best Regards,


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Betreff: No upload speed

@hexon , I've initiated an exchange of your modem. You will receive a new modem in the next few days.



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Betreff: No upload speed

Thank you so much Daniele. Very much appreciated.
Have a nice day!