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Port Forwarding seems to be intermittently breaking my Internet connection

First caveat ... My cousin/landlord has the Connect Box, although he's given me full admin access to it ... I am using my own 2ndary router for my LAN, separate from his LAN downstairs.  The result is that I am port-forwarding through 2 routers ... and you know, maybe I'm doing it wrong?


Second caveat ... I'm in a country where I only halfway speak/understand the language -- plenty good enough for shopping and day-to-day stuff, but getting into tech issues, my vocab quickly fails me ... so I'm not very confident about being able to discuss this directly with the local UPC rep.


For a year or more now, we've had intermittent connectivity issues, losing Internet for 1-15 minutes at a time, anywhere from 0-10 times a day.


Talking through my cousin, we've had UPC trying to fix the issue for awhile now, and just recently, UPC did a full upgrade / reset on the Connect Box ... and this seemed to fix our connectivity issues ... until I realized that the upgrade wiped my port-forward rules on it.  I re-created my rules from memory ... and lo and behold, 15 minutes later, the Internet started flickering in and out again.


Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?


To be clear, it is not just me and my LAN that is losing connection, but rather the actual incoming signal into the Connect Box that is being lost ... at least, according to the Connect Box Admin Diagnostic Test.

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Re: Port Forwarding seems to be intermittently breaking my Internet connection

@nattiegoogie ,Welcome to the community!

Since we can not measure signals for customers of UPC Hungary, please contact your provider.



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