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Port Forwarding

Hello team!


I was looking forward to set up my Minecraft Server and I need to port foward. Unfortuunately my router does not have the Port Forwarding option. Ilooked around and it seems that it is due to the router being setup in IPv6 mode and only the IPv4 mode has the option enabled.


Is it possible for you to please make the change?


Also, only you guys have the option to perform the change from your side? Is it not possible for a user like me to do it from my PC? Just curious about it as I like to learn abouut these things :-)



One more question if you don't mind. If I would like to have a private router from a 3rd party brand like Linksys for example, could I just simply stop using the box provided by UPC?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards,


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Re: Port Forwarding

@SimonPT , Welcome to the community!


Please contact your provider ( for the conversion.



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