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Connect Box

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Time to wave goodbye to UPC - Getting worse and worse...

So the connect box has finally done it for me.


1) Wifi is hit or miss best of times so my work VPN cuts on/off which is obviously not good

2) Now I cannot access pages without the connect box asking for password as if I wanted to access the settings!!!! And this is even when I log on to my Apple router that is wired to the connect box. Started today after I was told an firmware update was taking place..


So thank you UPC making me realize how utter poor the service is, so today I signed up to a different supplier.


UPC used to be good but then real competition came along and UPC decided to deteriorate everything...


We had 6 good years together but we must part ways and I will send my notise a little later.

TV Actor
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Re: Time to wave goodbye to UPC - Getting worse and worse...

Sent my notice to UPC today (October 23rd) by registred post so the divorce has now been offically requested.


Unfortunately there are two full months I have to fork out for UPC, so an additional cost for something I won't use, but that's what the T&C reads and which I accepted when signing up for the service so I won't be complaining.


Hope it will come to some good use at the UPC Christmas party as my last payment will be December 31st 2018...