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UPC Wifi booster installation failure

Due to poor signal in some rooms UPC sent me a powerline wifi booster that's meant to be plug play. I followed the instructions on the connect app but always get a "somethings wrong" message at the setup stage.
I can see a new wifi network from the booster but my understanding is it would copy your info from the connect box and simply extend your original network without having to manually switch between networks?

If I use the booster setup page on upc-ap and press the WPS button on the connect box it gets to 100% then the page drops out and i can no longer connect to the setting page.

Any ideas??
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Betreff: UPC Wifi booster installation failure

@fluff34567 ,Please try to set your boosters to factory defaults and then run the setup again. You may have to manually adjust the WIFI data via the link http://upc-ap.



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Betreff: UPC Wifi booster installation failure

I have tried this - didn't work. Can't load the configuration page!? (upc-ap)