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Unstable Wifi connection

I am writing this from Basel and the connect Box wifi connection is very unstable in the last 1-2 weeks

The connection goes on and off 

I called the customer support who just asked me to update my address in the profile page , which I did but to no affect 


The connection is still not very stable , !!


Also the address change does not seem to reflect in the profile page even when the move address gives a confirmation that its updated !! 


Can anyone form UPC please help in resolution :| 


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Re: Unstable Wifi connection

I am also suffering from the same issue you are. Its quiet bad of them to not reply to us when we need support at times like this. Thanks for creating this thread.

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Re: Unstable Wifi connection

Hi @BrianL and @gattaramya, welcome to the community,


Sorry to hear that from you.


@gattaramya you wrote that it is the WiFi connection which is unstable in the last weeks. Does the LAN connection is also affected? Did you try to restart the Connect Box?


@BrianL what kind of issue do you have with your internet connection? What is your modem? The Connect Box or another one? Finally, where do you live (city name only and zip code)?


Kind regards,


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Re: Unstable Wifi connection

Same problem here, persisting.

PLZ: 4052 - Basel.
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Re: Unstable Wifi connection - Workaround (a kind of)

Hello there

Have same problem with a Connect Box received about one month ago: both Apple and Android devices work over Wi-Fi for from few to several minutes only, then the connection is broken, only switching Wi-Fi on the device off and then on helps.

Have restarted Connect Box several times with no positive changes.

Yes, LAN was not affected.


Workaround: disable 5 GHz in the Connect Box ( -> Advanced settings -> Wireless -> Wireless signal, click on Disable 5 GHz).

Now everything "flies", yes, at a price of the reduced Wi-Fi speed.

So it looks as if in the new Connect Box something would be wrong with the 802.11ac.

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Re: Unstable Wifi connection - Workaround (a kind of)

Is it working with a seperate wifi router? If so, return the connect box to UPC or even better change supplier ;-)

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Re: Unstable Wifi connection


My updates on the follow-up

- We have called up UPC customer service and they sent a technician to check if there is a problem in our connection. He checked and tested and he told us that it will work fine. But after he left again there was the same problem. 

-We called the customer service again and they said there could be problem with some junction box for the whole building and that they would send some technician to check. (This time we were informed that they would not come to our home to check. Instead they would check junction box). No updates after this and the interruptions still persist.

- Again called them and they changed something at their end (something to 5GHz) and asked to restart the modem. They told us that this was the problem and it will be resolved. Nope, It did not!!

- Latest one - As the problem is still continuing, they sent us a new modem just 2 days ago and for now, it looks okay. (Till now there was an interrutption only once after we installed the new one. Fingers crossed)

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Re: Unstable Wifi connection


Hello Customer support Team,


I am facing the same problem since last 2 to 3 weeks. The WiFi Internet keeps getting repeatedly interrupted.


The bigger frustration is  - to reach out and connect with some one in English. I have tried multiple times to connect but the transfer call 'mit English sprechen kollegen' never happens. I went to UPC customer center at Frierstrasse, Basel today - who again asked me to connect ONLY through phone.


May be some one from your side can call please, AND atleast understand this problem.


Best Wishes,



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