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Upstream dropping during evening


I am a new customer of UPC and I have few issues with my upstream stability and speed. I upgraded to UPC because I wanted better upload speeds because during evenings I livestream to youtube or twitch.

I have 1000/100 subscription and gigabox. I already complained once, technical ticket was created but I never got any response after that and I dont see the ticket anywhere, so... I am still experiencing issues during the evening, usually between 20 - 22h. Normally I am streaming at around 10kbps upstream and the connection is not able to keep up! Lots of retransmissions happening on TCP layer from what I have seen in wireshark. I know it is not a problem of the service because other streamers have no issue and I am testing against different digest servers (geographically) from twitch or youtube and there is same issue at all of them so I blame the connection, not the service.

Can you please have a look into it. It is really annoying! I dont know exactly what is the issue there..I did several cnlab speedtests and usually they dont show max speed but they still show enough speed to have 10kbps upstream.. so I am riddled. Can you maybe adjust my profile so at least some upload speed is guaranteed? I dont care about download that much so I would even sacrifice half or more of my download speed to have stable upload.

Another suspicion that I have is the Wi-Free wifi that is broadcasted of my gigabox.. I have no control over that and maybe there are people using it here? Dunno

Thank you for the answer,
My UPC number is 6902832

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Re: Upstream dropping during evening

@Skuticz , welcome to the community!


We have made the changeover to IPv4, which will be completed in 30 minutes. Restart your modem afterwards. If you have problems, reset your modem. Press the reset button on the back of the modem with a pointed object for at least 25 seconds.


Then please test it again.




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Re: Upstream dropping during evening

Hi @Daniele_UPC , Thanks for the configuration change. I will test it over the week and will let you know.