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Video game lag with 1Gb connection



I changed my subscription from Happy 600 to the 1Gb connection, and now I have lot of problem with lag during viedo game.


In video game  there is some days where the "symbol no conection" is permanently displayed.


there is other day where everything went fine.


I do not know if UPC can check my conenction, but I do not want to call the hotline and explain this... I know that the cabling is right and I had no issue with the old modem (happy 600).


the modem is the only thing that was changed (and the cable coax that comes with the modem)


is someone expereiencing the same ?


I don't know waht to do....



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Re: Video game lag with 1Gb connection

Same thing happened to me. 4 years at the same flat, no issues at all, I think we had the 200 or 300 package.


Switch to Gigabyte, get the new Giga Connect Box and massive lag spikes, since about a week the game literally freezes for like 1-2 seconds every 30 seconds or so. Unplayable.


Unbelievable, I wish I had not 'upgraded'. Called them and they said everything is fine and asked me to write down 3 times this happened. Did that now, doubt it will achieve anything, I mean first time I called it happend just before but they said everything looks fine. 


I wonder if you can downgrade again and use your old router again...

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Re: Video game lag with 1Gb connection

Apparently that must be UPC's fault... atleast it's the new Giga Connect Box.

I am struggling with the same problems like you in video games. For me Overwatch is literally unplayable.


Giga Connect Box really need a new firmware to fix this.

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Re: Video game lag with 1Gb connection


If you want to enjoy online games again and avoid packet-loss and lag roll-backs I highly recommend to put your Giga Connect Box into "Modem-mode" and connect it to a separate (hardware) router.

Then connect your devices via. RJ-45 Cat.6 (ethernet cable) to your router and you will see, all the problems are gone.

You can now play without any packet-loss and roll-backs.


As of now the current firmware on the Giga Connect Box seems to be bugged in 'router-mode' and triggers alls those connection issues.


Best of Regards


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Re: Video game lag with 1Gb connection

Thanks for the reply, I am yet to try that. I still have the old connect box, hopefully that will work, as I do not actually have a router I believe. 


Since I would game anyway via cable, would a bogstandard Fritz Router be sufficient? I mean in terms of cable performance that should not be impacted what router I put in right, just the quality of the wifi?