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no internet and tv after I notified the moving online weeks in advance

Dear Support,


this is my second post on this forum in short time.

Last time internet stopped working on my mobile and cablecom deleted my number without informing me. This time, after couple of weeks, I have no internet at all on my connect box and no TV as well. I submitted a request for moving (yes I was organizing my moving when you deleted my phone number) but somehow upc wanted to move the wrong customer. Now after I found out my request was never entered in the system (I swear I called many times to ensure I would get all services on day one) I have no internet and no one can tell me when I will get it.

Is it possible? Really? UPC Technician came and told me everything is fine. I can call my landline number but I have no internet and no tv. 

I think you are doing that on purpose because you want to drive me crazy. I cannot believe is a coincidence that all my requests are being ignored or delayed or mistakely processed.


Please stop it

544 204 44

Re: no internet and tv after I notified the moving online weeks in advance

Hi. Thanks for your post.


We immediately reported the case to the appropriate department. We will take care of it prioritized. Please excuse the delay of your order. We hope that the matter can be resolved as soon as possible.


Best regards, Ahmet