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Cleaning up the Community on 26.04.17

Dear Community,


Now that we have a new and shiny frontend for our Community, we will clean up the backend next Wednesday, 26.04.17. You shouldn't notice any impact except for the following two:


Deleting inactive User Accounts

Community user accounts, that haven't been used for more than 12 months as well as accounts from banned users, will be deleted next Wednesday. The postings, likes given and solutions elaborated will remain for the benefit of the Community. Instead of the user name, the postings will be published on behalf of "Ex-Community Member".


Should you be one of those rather inactive users, but like to keep the account, please login until next Wednesday, 26.04.17, 10.00h.





Quality check of solutions

In order to offer you the best possible answers to your questions, we will also check the elaborated solutions. Our goal is to offer you qualitatively valuable solutions, instead of leading you to postings that some user liked. BTW: For such cases, you may give a like by clicking on the "Thumbs up" icon underneath eacht posting :womanwink:




You should be led straight-forward to the best possible answer to your question.




Of course, the Community will be online. So the users and we, too, of course, will be at your disposal should you need any assistance.


Wishing you a nice weekend!

Best regards,

Frida & Anina



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Re: Cleaning up the Community on 26.04.17

Did the cleaning up go well, Frida?