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First steps

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8 useful tips

Welcome to the community!

Do you have a question or would you like to chat to other customers about products and services? Then you’re in the right place. Please note that the community is not a support channel. Find out how to contact the support service at

The following tips will help you get started with community life:

1. Read the terms of use – they contain the game rules. If you are active in the community, you tacitly agree to the terms of use.

2. Search and find – search through the community for answers to your questions. You can refine your search by clicking on “Advanced search” on the results page.

3. Submit contributions – you can establish a thread for new questions. Click on “Subscribe” in the topic. This means you will be notified of every new comment.

4. Post comments – do you have some advice? Then comment on existing contributions using the “Answer” function. Your answer will be added to the discussion.

5. Mark solutions – make helpful answers to your questions visible by accepting them as a solution. This allows other community members to benefit as well.

6. Complete your profile – complete your profile and introduce yourself to the other community members in the relevant thread. 

7. Choose an avatar – choose your profile picture from the wide selection available. You can find the avatars under “Settings”.

8. Say thank you – say thank you if you have had a good experience in the community. Award “Likes” for answers which were helpful.