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First steps

Community Manager
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Role of the Community team


Our community is a platform which is available to our users. An exchange of information on UPC products, discussion of shared interests, and helping others with good tips and tricks are the main goals of the community. Various roles have been defined for this to ensure a well-organised community. Here is an introduction of the individual roles.

Community Management

The UPC Community is overseen by the UPC Social Media Care Team ( @UPC_Team ). Among other things, the Social Media Care Team is responsible for reactive communication on the social media channels of UPC Switzerland. Within this team there are dedicated community moderators and community managers. The @UPC_Team  lends its support whenever the superusers or community users are unable to solve an issue themselves.

The moderators deal with issues you write about. These are their duties:

  • They answer your contributions
  • They make sure the guidelines are followed
  • They keep the discussions on-topic
  • They pass on your concerns within UPC
  • And last but not least: they encourage a good atmosphere

Community Managers
The community managers deal primarily with the topics behind the scenes of the community platform. In addition to moderator duties, they are also responsible for maintaining the platform, developing it and analysing usage of the community.


Superusers are the most active and experienced users in the community. They show unusually great commitment to the UPC community and are available to other users as the first point of contact. They also stay in close contact with us ( @UPC_Team ).

Community Users

Without our community users there would be no community. Ask questions, give answers, share your experiences. Your commitment to the community is rewarded with badges. Click once on your user name to see which awards you have already earned and what is still missing from your digital display cabinet.

Employees can help too

The community is first and foremost a platform where community users can exchange information and help one another. But it does sometimes happen that UPC specialists participate actively in discussions. Usually this is the case in conjunction with a project, or if an employee has special expertise in a certain area.


Member of @UPC_Team