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UPC Codes - guidance?

Can someone explain in detail how UPC codes are applied to my product? This is the area that I feel the least comfortable about and it just feels like the biggest gap in my knowledge concerning FBA. I want to know what I'm doing before I launch.

  1. I've heard there's one 'main' centralized UPC code provider that's 100% legit and 1 or 2 others that are kind of sketchy but apparently still work. I don't understand this. How can UPC's be centralized but other organizations give out UPC's?

  2. Once i register a UPC, how do i get them printed, shipped, etc. and where do I ship them to? Does my chinese supplier need to have them and put them on my product before they leave China and enter the US, or can Amazon put them on my packages before they are fulfilled?

  3. Any other tips or snags you encountered when you got your first UPC codes?

Thanks a lot in advance,