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Horizon case and error 2010



I am surprised by the date of the post. because it is following a letter received last time concerning the last updates of chains HD that I obtained this error message on various chains which I received very well until then. Following 3 requests to the Helpdesk, no correspondent gave me other solutions that:

- turn off my device and wait 15 minutes (without success);

- pass me until further notice (no delay proposed) missing channels.

I find that this way of proceeding and the tone with which I was made to understand that we had to wait and especially not to touch the famous factory settings makes me doubt the skills of the Helpdesk in customer troubleshooting.

Why is the solution proposed by Dylan not automatically communicated to us either via the official letter or by the Helpdesk? The central office certainly had to heat lately and still heats up ...

That time lost.





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Re: Horizon case and error 2010

@iosman123 , I understand your anger very well and would like to apologize to you. Please run a channel scan so that the old, no longer working channels are deleted from the list. Afterwards you have only listed the working stations.



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