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Internet with Horizon

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Block Domains



It's fascinating - despite a solid and long education in IT I cannot for the life of me get the blocking function on the Horizon to work. Maybe you can help me?


Here's what I did:


Log onto the web interface of my Horizon box as admin.

Go to Parental Control and choose "Web Site Filters".

Click on the + next to "Blocked Domains"

Enter a domain, e.g. ""

Press "Save"



Expected Result: Timeout, 404, "BLOCKED!" message, ... Basically anything except the website of the well known entertainment magazine.

Result: The website of


Alternatively, I tried a different policy ("default" instead of all). Same result.

I also tried "", but that one wasn't even saved, it just disappeared. No message, nothing. And yes, I checked both policies.

I also entered *, this one also disappeared.

"" was accepted, but didn't help either.


I emptied my cache and tried two different browsers. I still had access to the website. I can't find any help in the manual (


Does this actually work?

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Re: Block Domains

Hi @Piko


Sorry für my late reply. Let me check that for you and I will come back to you.


best regards,



Du wolltest schon immer wissen, was «Bridge Mode» bedeutet? Dann lies jetzt den Blogeintrag.
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Re: Block Domains

No worries - I cross-posted this to Twitter already and they're apparently also looking for any information on this onimous box.