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Cannot connect to workplace VPN

I am trying to connect to my workplace VPN from abroad (Austria -> Slovenia). I am connected to a Wifi from a Connect Box (model: CH7465LG-LC). The problem is I cannot seem to connect or ping to a IPv4 address. In the UPC control panel of my Connect Box when I try to ping the IPv4 VPN address it states: Bad address.

I am guessing this is a problem of IPv6 -> IPv4 compatibility.

I have tryed to connect via a Mobile hotspot and the VPN is working just fine, therefore I think it must be the router.
Any suggestions on how to solve this. It is quite important since I am relying on this for my work from abroad in the next three months.

Anyone got a suggestion?

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Re: Cannot connect to workplace VPN

You're from austria, and this is the swiss forum. I can only tell you what's possible here.


You probably got DS-Lite => private Ipv4 and public Ipv6, so you VPN won't work with Ipv4.


In Switzerland you can call the support line and tell them you need a public Ipv4 and they will disable DS-Lite. That nearly always solves problems with VPN and strict NAT-Types in Games.


You can give it a try with the hotline and ask for.