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Internet with Horizon

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Issues with Horizon Online (FH4)

Hi, my friend and I love this game and would love even more to be able to play it together but when we tried we ran into some issues. Whenever we get into a Convoy together, there are no problems and it runs smoothly. However, as soon as we get into a race one, or both of us have massive lag spikes (sometimes FPS, sometimes internet related). Here is a list of stuff we have tried:

  • him hosting

  • me hosting

  • restarting pcs

  • restarting routers

  • restarting the game

  • reinstalling the game

  • reinstalling the game to an SSD (both of us have done this)

  • fiddling around with settings

The game runs fine on both of our systems.

His specs:

CPU: i5 6600K overclocked to 4,5GHz

GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X8

RAM: 16GB DDR4 2800MHz

Mainboard: MSI Z270 A Pro

My specs:

CPU: i7 7700k 3.60GHz



Mainboard: MS-7996

Any ideas on how we can fix these issues? The issues I used to run into but haven't ran into since installing the game on an SSD is that every 20 seconds or so my fps would drop massively, but mostly online. The issues he runs into is that his game will go in slow motion for some time, then try to catch him up to where he should be so he goes much faster than he actually is going. Both of us are running the game on our SSDs now which have a read/write speed of around 500mb/s