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Internet with Horizon

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Modem keep rebooting several times a day

Hi all,


I am facing an issue since amost 2 months ago and UPC Support guys are not able to find it out.

My modem (the white one) is sudenly getting restarted alone. It happens several times a day and ot takes almos 10 minutes to get it back. The same modem was working without any issue before and nothing changed apparently in my installation.

My neighbours with UPC never faced that issue.

After my first call to UPC they send a guy to my building in order to reduce the signel, because apparently it was to high. It did not solve the issue.

In the second call they try updating the firmware, to be honest I don't think that the guy ever did that because cheking the version before and after, it shows pretty the same .

In the third call the send back another local technician to check the installation in my appartment, the guy came and reset the modem, something that i have already done during the second call. After this nothing was solved.

Last week i called again and they sent me a new modem. On Saturday i installed it but just 5 minutes later, again, the modem went down, it's true that this modem is getting up faster .

Yesterday i've called again and they told me that the issue is gonna be escalated and they will call me, honestly i don't believe that becasue the have told me this several times and never ever happened.

I don't know what else to do, apart of changing the Internet Provider, something that i have at the end of the list because i was pretty sattisfied with UPC till 2 months ago.


Any idea?