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Internet with Horizon

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New horizon box issues

Hello Team 


I recently moved from my horizon box and seperate router to a new horizon box with built in router. Since then i have faced issues with internet speed. The wifi does not work even in next room. The speed is same which i had before ( 125 MBPS) but the speed is not even 1/4th of the old speed. I read so many posts here and everybody seems to have same problem, has UPC fixed the issue ? If not i want to ask , 

1. Can i use my old router and set it up somewhere else in the house for better connection elsewhere? If yes can somebody tell me the connection steps ?

2. Is there any other option to go back to normal speed ?

Thanks in advance 

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Re: New horizon box issues

Hi @fergalpower,


You can either plug in your modem in another connection from upc in your appartment or get a so called split plug free of charge in our shops.



Best regards,


Du wolltest schon immer wissen, was «Bridge Mode» bedeutet? Dann lies jetzt den Blogeintrag.
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Re: New horizon box issues

Hi Adriana,


My old router is still set up in a different area in the house and connected to a UPC connection but has a SSID number and was wondering could they not be connected for the old one to act as a booster?