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Internet with Horizon

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No internet service

I upgraded my UPC service at 15h00 today and after that the internet has stopped working.

Contacted customer support 4h ago and still no service.

Can you please help with my service. If not cancel my upgrade because to have these problems I prefer not to have it.

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Re : No internet service

Good evening @ruiffcarvalho,


I suggest you to wait 24 hours. The activation of your upgrade can take some time.


Best regards,


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Re : No internet service

Hello @Michaelhello, thank you very much for your answer.


Consulting the myUPC, and according to the feedback given yesterday by customer care my upgrade is already active, except for the internet that is not working.


Besides that, waiting 24h for an upgrade of previous existing service does not seem a suitable solution.


But thank you anyways.

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Re : No internet service

Contacted customer support again.


Response. Need to wait.


1 day without internet connection and counting.


Thank you Cablecom

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Re : No internet service

Two more contacts to Customer Support.


Solution - ZERO


4 days without internet and counting.


Thank you Cablecom

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Re : No internet service

I hope Frida or Anina can solve the issue for you soon. To be without internet for four days isn't easy.

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Re : No internet service

Hi @ruiffcarvalho


I'm sorry for the the troubles caused! According to my colleagues, your internet connection should be fine now. Thanks for a quick feedback.


Kind regards,









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Re: No internet service

Dear reporter,
According to my experience , you should change your service provider, if you are from Swiss the. I suggest you to approach Swisscom, salt etc because I a. Waiting 16 days to get new connection but still waiting . If UPC don't care new customer then how can he think abut existing? Better to forget UPC.