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Internet with Horizon

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Router losing connection - Router Log details

For the past couple of weeks I have been losing internet connection on daily basis.


I have requested three times UPC's technical support via email and also sending a request from my account to no avail. I attach a screenshot of my router log screen showing critical events which led to loss of connection.


Would there be someone there to help me? I need internet to work and I am considering switching provider if this issue continue any longer.



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Re: Router losing connection - Router Log details

That "T3 time-out" error happens to almost everyone almost all the time.


My logs are full of them and my internet's working fine.  So that's not a cause of your issue.  


I was losing internet for 30-60 minutes quite regularly a week or two ago but those outages seem to have stopped.   They also took out my neighbour's internet, and on the German section of this forum others were also reporting temporary outages.  Not heard of any recently though.

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Re: Router losing connection - Router Log details

Dear AdrianLondon,


Thanks for your explanations, much appreciated.


Ok, I will then expect UPC to come up with a solution. I am losing internet signal now four to five times per day and this is for me a signal of poor service.


Have a good day!