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Internet with Horizon

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Screen mirroring shuts down internet...

Hi. So when i try to mirror my lap top screen to the tv, the internet conection shuts down imediatly, making it impossible. Both laptop anda TV are connected to the same horizon router via wifi. Laptop connected to 2.4 GHz and TV to 5ghz. The technical support guy was very helpfull, but he could't solve the problemas. Why does thid hapen ? My other UPC router worked just fine.
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Re : Screen mirroring shuts down internet...

Hi @Druia! Welcome to the community!


Your Laptop and TV are both connected to the same Horizon box by Wi-Fi. However, they are not connected to the same band. May you try to connect your TV to 2.4Ghz? Then, try the screen mirroring.


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