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Internet with Horizon

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Slow download speed, normal upload

I have  Internet 100, but download speed is 10% of the nominative speed. Upload is fine. 

It has been like that for two days.

  • Modem reset
  • Wired connection speed is identical
  • Multiple devices produced these results.
  • User not happy.
  • was used for testing - would upload if your form would allow
  • Form below mentions png is supported, error messages says only pdf is accepted.

Please advise, thanks!

1802 550 76

Re: Slow download speed, normal upload

Hi @martreb2000


First of all, I'd like to welcome you to our Community! I'm glad you found us


Thanks for the information you already provided. That helps a lot! Could you also send me a private message with your Customer ID, phone number and availability for a call-back? I'll forward your case to our support team then.


Thanks in advance!


Kind regards,



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Re: Slow download speed, normal upload

Are you in Basel, martreb2000?  I've been having exactly the same problem for the past few days too.


* Slow download (2-4 Mbits/sec on speed test sites)

* Fast upload (6-8 Mbits/sec)

* Resetting the router has no effect


It was similar a few months ago, and then it miraculously fixed itself.  UPC, can you fix it again please?


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Re: Slow download speed, normal upload

Hey, what do you know... today, it's back to normal; 61 Mbits download, 25 Mbits upload.


I just wish it was more reliable.