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Internet with Horizon

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Slow internet speeds?


I have a 250mb/bit interney package linked to the horizon box with digital TV.


I just did the internet test speed and I am only securing 4.5mb for download with upload slower? Its been over a week now? Does anyone have any suggestions? I have restarted the system, but something pretty drastic must be wrong to be going that slow?


I have sent UPC an email a week ago and havent heard anything from them, and dont speak german, french or italian so the phone support isnt ideal either.


Thanks to anyone who can help!



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Re: Slow internet speeds?

They speak English on the phone!  My limited experience with emailing them (using their contact form)  is that they can take up to a week to respond, but often it's within a couple of working days.


As an aside, I use this: as I try to avoid anything flash-based where possible.

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Re: Slow internet speeds?

I am experimenting really slow internet for already a couple of months.


I need a solution or I will unsubscribe from your services.