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Internet with Horizon

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WLAN Connection

For quote some time (maybe a year...) every evening the WLAN on my Horizon TV crashes  and restarts for no obvious reason. Maybe it happens more often, but I am never at home during the day.


The crash only lasts maybe 30 seconds then is back up and running again. During this time there are red icons displayed on the Horizon box (WLAN CONNECTIVITY : Horizon box WLAN connectivity failed) .


The LAN and TV works fine during this timeand I never have a problem with wifi speed, internet or any other faults to do with the box. I just this random crash of the WiFi.


The Log on horizon box doesn't say much


Jul 22 08:56:18 Internet is connected
--- -- --:--:-- Booting completed
--- -- --:--:-- DHCP daemon is started


I've tried returning the box to factory default settings, but that doesnt help.


I'd be pleased if anyone has any suggestions, because this is now annoying me enough to want to complain about it!




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Betreff: WLAN Connection

perhaps you call the Support and explain your issue? It could also be possible to take the Connect Box - this Internet Modem is very good.